November 8, 2015

The Breakthrough Difference

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Breakthrough Tutoring serves students K-12 in all areas of Palm Beach County. What sets us apart from other tutoring companies?

Breakthrough Tutoring only hires certified, licensed teachers as tutors. This means the tutor in your home is a trained, professional educator. Each of our tutors is an educational expert dedicated to student success. They are innovative, experienced, and passionate about finding your student’s breakthrough in the classroom.


Breakthrough Tutors

The Breakthrough difference starts with our tutor selection process. Breakthrough only hires licensed/certified teachers as tutors. These teacher-tutors are the best trained educators in our area! They bring a wealth of content knowledge as well as educational strategies to ensure student success. Our teacher-tutors are trained to deal with all types of learning challenges and disabilities. In short, you can’t get a more qualified tutor anywhere else!


Breakthrough One-on-One Focus

Breakthrough Tutoring offers one-on-one, in-home tutoring for your student. There is no more impactful way to teach than working one-on-one with your student in a comfortable, stress-free environment. Group settings and classrooms often prevent students from getting the individualized attention and instruction they need to be successful. Individualized tutoring allows the educational professional in your home to go beyond simply reinforcing content knowledge; the tutor is able to identify the cause of the learning issue and help build your student’s fundamental educational skills.


Breakthrough Collaboration

We use a holistic approach to tutoring, characterized by comprehensive players who are connected as a team; this means the student will have the support from the parent or guardian, the teacher-tutor, and the classroom teacher. Each member plays a critical role in the support needed for student success. You can expect direct communication between the teacher-tutor and the classroom teacher, releasing the parent from playing the middle-man between the education professionals. You will receive concise correspondence and a timely record of progress in the classroom.

Your student needs to know he/she is not alone. When you hire Breakthrough Tutoring you are employing more than a mere tutor. Our holistic approach ensures accountability and professionalism. Together, we will obtain amazing results for your student!


No Contracts!

Unlike most tutoring companies, Breakthrough does not require a contract.  You only pay for the tutoring you need. Our clients have the freedom to stop their tutoring service anytime with no penalty! During your free in-person consultation, you and the owner of Breakthrough Tutoring, Joshua Wade, will agree upon a weekly schedule that best fits your needs and budget. We ask that you pay 1 month of requested tutoring in advance. If you don’t use it all, we refund the difference. Breakthrough Tutoring is paid directly; you never have to give money to an in-home tutor. We believe budgeting the sessions in advance is important; we aim to make certain the time spent with your in-home tutor is 100% subject focused.


Honest Pricing

The most important investment you can make is the education of your child! We are not a franchise, so you won’t run into any mandatory packages, group sessions, hidden fees, or price changes. Breakthrough Tutoring starts as low as $50 per hour.


Don’t Wait!

Whether you have a student who is struggling, needs specific test prep, or is ready to reach their full educational potential, Breakthrough Tutoring can help bring proven results to your student. The sooner we are able to get your student matched with one of our teacher-tutors, the sooner we will find your breakthrough. Set your student up for success now and in the future! Click “Get in Touch” and contact us today!


Breakthrough logo 2 pic